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UJAM Trailer Scoring Contest

The audio track of this video trailer was a submission to UJAM’s Virtual Pianist SCORE Trailer Contest.


  • -  Audio: Robbie Keen

  • -  Video: Daniel Ruczko (UJAM)”

One Block At A Time

This fun song about building your own online world is suitable for children's show choir grades 2-5.

Hunting Sirens

This is the follow-up to the adventurous Becoming Hook by Mary Mecham. In Hunting Sirens, the tenacious Treva, a siren hunter, takes on the task of saving the starving inhabitants of Haven Harbor from the evil sirens surrounding them. Available on Amazon December 2023.

Face (for children's show choir)

This is an upbeat anthem for children's choir celebrating the joy of in-person interactions and meeting new people.

Becoming Hook trailer

This is a trailer ad for a book titled "Becoming Hook" by author Mary Mecham. Check her out on Instagram & TikTok. All of Mary Mecham's  books are available on Amazon.

Panicked Pursuit

This is a piece I wrote just for the fun of it, but I later entered it into the EastWest Sounds 36th Anniversary Contest. I used instruments from EastWest almost exclusively in this piece, so I thought it might be appropriate for their contest. 

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